Why are Men Attracted to Women with Large Breasts?

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Breasts are awesome aren’t they? The way they bounce around. The way they sit in a sexy bra. The way the nipple sometimes pokes through a top in a slightly arousing manner. It is long believed that men simply love breasts. Furthermore, the bigger the breast the better right? There is nothing more pleasing than a huge pair of boobs! Or watching a porn with big tits! But why is this so? Why are a large portion of the heterosexual male population pulled inexplicably towards large breasts? Read on to find out!

In terms of biology, this attraction is weird

First things first – the male attraction to boobs is simply weird when we consider the grand scheme of nature and biology. Human males are the only male mammals that are besotted with breasts in a sexual way – other mammals simply see breasts as fast food restaurant. Furthermore, human males are the only mammals who orally stimulate breasts during sexual intercourse and foreplay.

Our love of breasts is something ingrained in our makeup

Simply put, we actually love breasts because we are pre-disposed too – it is part of the male psyche. Furthermore, one train of thought from scientists states that we are attracted to breasts because of their purpose. We receive signals in our brain that show us breasts are important for milk production and feeding our offspring. Bigger breasts therefore can store more milk, and thus supposedly provide our children with the essential nutrients and vitamins they need.

Recreating a vital bond in a woman’s brains

This is undoubtedly one contributing factor, but there is another major reason too. When a mother breast feeds, a series of chemicals are released which cause a mutual bond between the mother and child. This allows the mother to enjoy the experience and provide motivation for her to continue the process. The chemical is called oxytocin, and the bond that is created can endure a lifetime and can have powerful effect on a woman.

When a partner interacts with a woman’s breasts during foreplay or sex (such as touching, massaging and nibbling), the same chemicals and brain process is reproduced and that bond is once again reignited. Combine this with high levels of dopamine and it is easy to see why men are attracted to breasts – because through our evolutionary process, we understand on a sub-conscious level that breasts are important for both maternal reasons, and for pleasure. Furthermore, we engage in face-to-face sex which is another rarity in the world of mammals – this only heightens the importance of breasts.

Hopefully this has given you some keen insight into why men love big breasts. Its not just a strange perverted infatuation – there is some biology and science involved too! Obviously this doesn’t give men the excuse to obsessively stare at your chest, but at least next time it happens, you know that some of their obsession is simply ingrained into their brain!