How to Get Laid Even if You are an Overweight Man?

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When a girl catches your attention more often than cheese dips, it’s a sign that you have not gotten laid in a while. But it is not easy to hold that girl’s attention when your belly is always 5 inches ahead of you. How can you overcome your heavy personality and get to bone that hot girl you’ve been eyeing for a while?

We hope these tips will help you get laid despite your overweight body.

Good-looking men with six packs will always get most girls. But no need to feel sorry for yourself. There are some skills you can develop to ensure you have a steady supply of women in your life.

  1. Get good at cooking.

With all the eating you do, you should be reasonably good at identifying tastes. Learn how to cook at least a few dishes. Invite a hottie to dine, lo and behold you both can compare boob sizes in no time. Women tend to enjoy a well-cooked meal and since they are not so visual in nature, a good bottle of wine can help persuade her faster.

  1. Use those strong jaws

After all the exercise you get with your eating, you must have a good jaw strength. Master the art of Cunnilingus and you will get repeat ladies and maybe even some referrals. Eating is your hobby, eat a pussy and make her happy. And the word will travel fast. Give a bit more than you receive and you will be golden.

  1. Be funny

Fat men are usually funnier than skinny ones. That’s nature’s way to ensure there will be fatties even in the future. Use that to the fullest advantage. Women love men who can handle self-depreciating jokes. But don’t go too far on that. You want her to laugh her panties off, not cry into her shoulders. So don’t overdo it. Use every chance to make her laugh.

  1. Make her feel good

Because men are┬ávisual, they expect women to be the same. But that’s not the case. Women love to be with a guy who makes them feel good and gives them a rush of different emotions. If you become that guy, your size won’t matter. They also tend to look at fat men as being more loyal than good-looking men. So use that to your advantage and get some tonight.

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