The TRUTH About Female Hypergamy

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Hypergamy refers to the practice of marrying someone about your social or economic or political status.

For centuries, women have been marrying above their current societal levels. But is the practice still on with the modern women? Does women’s liberation have a role to play in the current female Hypergamy?

We will try to analyse these questions in this article.

Hypergamy has been in practice in the oriental countries like India, Imperial Japan, China and other feudal societies for centuries.

But in the 21ts century, Hypergamy is on the decline as women tend to marry men from similar economic and social status. But in some places, Hypergamy exists when a man is much older than the woman.

Evolution has trained a woman to seek the male of a higher stature to help give her offsprings a better chance. The nature of the selection of mates follows different criteria for men and women. Men tend to like younger, beautiful women as their mates. Women, on the other hand, tend to seek older, richer and men of a higher stature than their present condition.

Men focus on getting women who can give them healthy children while women focus on getting a man who can provide them sufficiently.

Men have a biological instinct to be polygamous but the societal restrictions put barriers from accomplishing their evolutionary urge.

Women are biologically conditioned to be hypergamous and for the most part, the society supports her in this quest.

From an evolutionary perspective, a woman wants to find the best seeds for her egg so she is constantly looking for the best possible man to impregnate and commit to her. Men can sire multiple children at the same time since they can mate with multiple partners within a short span.

This is also one of the reasons why the society tends to clap for a man who has multiple partners while slut-shaming a woman for showing a similar behaviour. It is all because of evolution folks.

Looking back at history, about 50% of men reproduce while 100% of women had children. In the olden days, kings had multiple wives because it was important to preserve the lineage.

To fulfil this evolutionary task, women had a biological urge to mate only with the strongest of men. This way only strong genetics survives while weak ones cease to run.

This was nature’s way of playing ‘survival of the fittest’ among humans.

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