Why should I vote?

1. You could fire Harper.

Let’s face it: with youth unemployment rates what they are, you may not get the power to fire someone anytime soon. And don’t act like you haven’t fantasized about it. This is a golden opportunity to get all Devil Wears Prada on someone who actually deserves it. (Want to vote for Harper? That’s okay too: we support young people voting, no matter what.)

2. Your vote makes you stronger.

Politicians never grovel at your feet. But they are absolutely open to groveling at your feet — if they think you might vote for or against them. So put the fear into their sock-footed Birkenstocks and start getting some power. Plus, by making politicians paranoid, they behave a lot better — because they know you’re watching.

3. Voting gives you a glow from doing something good and important and grownup and bigger than yourself.

So if you’ve wasted away hours watching Netflix with your laptop tucked under your chin and a scattering of Wheat Thins crumbs all over your bed (we speak from experience), voting will feel practically like being baptized in a holy river. This is not a joke. You will feel good after.

4. Your vote could change someone’s life.

You might think, meh, I’ve never voted before and it’s not like I’m dragging a wheelbarrow of dollar bills around and selling my organs for bread. And maybe you’re right. Maybe stuff is going okay for you. But for some people, especially vulnerable ones — poor people, disabled people, Indigenous people, elderly people, literally any species that lives underwater — the difference between politicians could be huge. So if you don’t feel like voting on your own behalf, how about voting on theirs?

How do I decide who to vote for?

That part is totally up to you. But if you need a hand, try this non-partisan quiz: it’ll help match your beliefs to different Canadian political parties.

Okay, I think I’m gonna vote.

Hell yeah you are. Register to vote here. If you’re going to be far from your hometown or overseas, get your ballot in the mail here.

I’m a good person but there is no fucking way I’m going to remember to do this.

No worries. Give us your email, and we’ll remind you to vote when the day is coming. We’ll also tell you what to bring and how to find your polling location and all that.

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