What is the MGTOW Movement?

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MGTOW is one of the new men’s movements that encourages men to stay away from women, not get involved in relationships and marriage with women.

We will try to explain the history and the ideas behind the movement in order to provide a clearer understanding of the reactionary group.

MGTOW stands for Men Going Their Own Way. The movement started as subreddits started by two men with nicknamed Solaris and Ragnar back in 2000.

Politically, MGTOW has aligned itself with the alt-right and libertarianism. It was a response to the favouring of women in every role and strata of society. They believe ideas like ‘women don’t need men’ or ‘women are superior to men’ is being intentionally being pushed to emasculate men.

The movement has organised itself into five levels, starting with situational awareness, i.e. you become aware of the idea that gender equality is just a lie and a propaganda.

At level one, men give up on long-term relationships with women. However, short-term relationships and sexual encounters are still accepted.

In level two, a man rejects even short-term relationship and does not get involved with women even for sex. Men believe they do not need women for anything at this stage, including sex.

In level 3, the man goes into a sustenance mode, earning only what he needs to live. He believes the government is anti-men and refuses to generate more money.

By level 4, a man disengages from the society. He may live off the grid and may choose not to interact with other members of the society.

While the men’s rights movement wants to change the status quo, MGTOW wants to withdraw from women and society and focus on self-ownership instead. They believe in self-preservation rather than activism.

There are many variants of MGTOW in vogue at the moment. Australian teens have adopted a similar idea, calling it TGTOW.

The MGTOW movement is about bringing self-respect back into the idea of being a man. Due to the extreme feminism enveloping every face of government, especially in the western world, Men are losing their identity and gender roles in society. They are often dependent on others to affirm what it means to be a man.

The movement is gaining popularity all over the world. While it may be thought of as another fad, the real-world implications will be known soon.

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